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Claw Our Way – Steel City Anthem – Hamilton Life

Hey there.
On Thursday Oct 19,17; ChangerMusic was blessed enough to be featured on “Hamilton Life”,
which is a TV show on Hamilton’s Cable 14 channel.
This interview and video is airing on Hamilton cable 14, Tues – Thurs, Oct 23-25/17 at 8am, 11am & 5pm.
Please watch and let me know what you think. Mad love, ChAnGeR – Tha Former Single Father. Changer Productions.
#cable14 #hamiltonlife

Changer Productions 2016 – Year End Review

Hey howday hey, lol.

We are exuberantly ecstatic, to reminisce over this past 2016 year.

C.P. met many new friends and contacts, went to our first major award show in Edmonton, Alberta.

I and Fresh Freddy stayed the weekend of 9/11 and it was bzzzangin. I had a moment of silence before my performance for the fallen hero’s of 9/11 and attended the trade show afterwards. I got to meet Canadian Hip-Hop icon “Choclair” whom I mention in my new video “My Hip-Hop” song (“I was played like Choclair for 21 years. My backbone slid thru 69 tears”).

I am extremely grateful and proud to have honor the gifts that God has bestowed upon moi!!

This year marks the busiest release schedule, which included two albums and 3 video’s release in 2016.










Other hightlights we recall are…

  1. BFlixz & P.O.E. performing at our 2nd house party concert.
  2. Performing more then ever this past year.
  3. Completing our video studio & collabo album “Christmas Pups“.
  4. Creating and releasing “Steel City Daddy” & “Up&Down” & “My Hip-Hop“.
  5. Cottage life, creating songs and websites for other indie artists.
  6. Northern Star conference and CMW Sync’ Summit.
  7. CP’s first pair of Bugz Jordans…lol. TruDoe!!
  8. Helping our first major artist “The Bailiff” with his live show video production concert.
  9. Working with Good Apollo from HdotO. As well as Fresh Freddy and Sharky from the Sons of Boom Bap.

R.I.P. Glen Frey and Prince, Chyna and Mr. Fuji.

God bless you and have an outstanding new year in 2017.


Joseph “ChAnGeR” James

(Please click the 2 new album covers to hear them, below)



Exclusive Beats vs Leased Beatz

All Changer Productions instrumentals are EXCLUSIVE sales.

That’s part of what makes dealing with C.P., unique and advantageous, because numerous other producers do not offer exclusives, and if they do, there’s no guarantee the beat purchased exclusively, hasn’t already been bought via leased licenses prior to that purchase. Here, it’s guaranteed that if you buy the beat here, ONLY YOU HAVE THE BEAT!


Exclusive Beats VS Non-Exclusive:

Changer Productions only sells exclusive instrumentals.

To Changer Productions, we don’t believe in selling any one beat,  to more then one artist, which leased beats allows.

Here’s a list of the differences between leased beats and exclusive beats.



One beat per artist, not for re-sale to other artists.

Contracted, legit and clear, reliable terms.

Royalty of 3-5% to producer, from artist/label, from all revenue streams (mechanical, streams and synch)

P.R.O. of C.P. “SOCAN”. What is “P.R.O.”? It stands for “Performing Rights Organization” and every artist should be registered with as many as possible to cover the various regions of our world. It’s how royalties are funneled, collected, allocated, etc.


Licensed Beats:

Contract. For sale to an unlimited amount of artists.

Credit to producer and royalty of 3-5%


For further info, please read HERE.