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Exclusive Beats vs Leased Beatz

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All Changer Productions instrumentals are EXCLUSIVE sales.

That’s part of what makes dealing with C.P., unique and advantageous, because numerous other producers do not offer exclusives, and if they do, there’s no guarantee the beat purchased exclusively, hasn’t already been bought via leased licenses prior to that purchase. Here, it’s guaranteed that if you buy the beat here, ONLY YOU HAVE THE BEAT!


Exclusive Beats VS Non-Exclusive:

Changer Productions only sells exclusive instrumentals.

To Changer Productions, we don’t believe in selling any one beat,  to more then one artist, which leased beats allows.

Here’s a list of the differences between leased beats and exclusive beats.



One beat per artist, not for re-sale to other artists.

Contracted, legit and clear, reliable terms.

Royalty of 3-5% to producer, from artist/label, from all revenue streams (mechanical, streams and synch)

P.R.O. of C.P. “SOCAN”. What is “P.R.O.”? It stands for “Performing Rights Organization” and every artist should be registered with as many as possible to cover the various regions of our world. It’s how royalties are funneled, collected, allocated, etc.


Licensed Beats:

Contract. For sale to an unlimited amount of artists.

Credit to producer and royalty of 3-5%


For further info, please read HERE.


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