Changer Productions

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Hello U.M.C.,

Below are my Hip-Hop/Pop/EDM tracks.

Changer Productions is the publisher & owner of all the rights.

Changer has worked with many indie Folk, Rock and Reggae artists as well.

Most of these songs are unreleased. I have plenty more.

I am available as a recording artist, a songwriter, or producer.

Thank you kindly for listening to my written and produced songs.


Take care,

Joseph “ChAnGeR” James – Hamilton, ON.

Ph: 905.516.8886

Claw Our Way_ChAnGeR


Let Loose_Sample_ChAnGeR – Ft.A.J.

Bend It On Ovah_ChAnGeR – Ft. F.F.

Gimme 5_Changer & C.F.

Make Love Not War – Beat

Keep Hip-Hoppin’- ChAnGeR – Unreleased

Ride On Your Tail_ChAnGeR – Ft. C.F.

Love My Mummerz _Changer – Ft. C.F.

Anything For You_Changer – Ft. CynDy

The Ship_ChAnGeR – Unreleased