Changer Productions

Canadian Music & Media Services


Changer Music has worked with bands, musicians, D.J’s and numerous other professionals. Here are a few testimonials.

When I first heard my voice on a track that Changer customized to my melody and lyrics, I cried and laughed, because the effects and mix made me sound like Celine Dion.
Shyla L

“I had 60 songs I wanted music for. From 2007-2011 Changer Productions transformed me from a writer, to a singer with websites, 60 songs, contacts and fantastic direction.”

– The Bailliff Sings

“I play Blues music. My guitar gently wept at Changer Music’s studio. Changer is an artist, so his ear for mixing and mastering comes from his understanding the various elements that an artist expects.” – B.B.G.