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Composition examples


Thanks for coming to Toronto this December 9/17 and sharing the stage with up and coming artists.

I was an artist/producer part of the events through Fred.E.Fame. Some examples of the variety and productions skills I offer are below.

Our goal is to team up and expand with a limitless company, such as Curtis Young Enterprises. Note: The track scrub bar in the middle of each player below, can be dragged to preview the audio quicker.

Joseph “ChAnGeR” James – Cell: 905.516.8886 – Hamilton, ON. Canada.

  1. RR-Beautiful
  2. Make Love Not War
  3. Coasting On Love
  4. Chellyz
  5. Dance Night Away
  6. DilRiff
  7. My Type of Girl
  8. KWolf86
  9. Clipz In
  10. World Is Ending
  11. Can’t Afford To
  12. Lift Offz
  13. Give Me A Kiss
  14. Absolutley Lovely
  15. Bzangah
  16. When U Were Here
  17. Fidday
  18. A New Tomorrow
  19. Electro Dolo
  20. My All
  21. Pop It_1014
  22. Pop Wow FzZunK
  23. Pre Girl
  24. True 2 Self
  25. Voxzay