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Christmas Pups

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays.


Changer Productions presents… “Christmas Pups – Part Uno” (Downloadable songs are below on this page).

Of the 10 songs on this project, some are featuring “Dan-e-o” 20 Yr anniversary (Remix) of “Dear Hip-Hop”, “Good Apollo” on “All Day” , and “Sharky” from Sons of Boom Bap on “Move On – Be Strong”.

“My Hip-Hop” is the lead single from ChAnGeRMusic. Some instrumentals are on this album as well.

All songs are produced, mixed and mastered by Changer Productions. Vocals recorded by Good Apollo for “All Day” and Dan-e-o assisted with his via The Beat Factory. Album available for free download only at

Mad love and shout outs to the Emcee’s on this free album. We hope you the listener enjoy our craft and stay safe.

Thanks for supporting indie Hip-Hop!!

“Tis the season of givin’ so we are giving a free Hip-Hop album.
Please share, comment, like, etc. SANTA IS WATCHING, LOL.

1. ALL DAY_Ft. Good Apollo

2. Dear Hip-Hop_RMX -20 Yearz

3. My Hip-Hop-TRIBUTE-ChAnGeRMusic

4. Mikey Weapon _Ft. ChAnGeRMusic

5. MoveOn_Sharky-Sons of BoomBap

6. Walk My Pug_Instrumental

7. My Hip-Hop_Ft.ChAnGeRMusic

8. We Can Do It_Instrumental

9. ALL DAY_Extended_Ft. Good Apollo

10. My Hip-Hop_Beat

Joseph “ChAnGeR – Tha Former Single Father” James