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A Rap beat’s evolution

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This blog post from Changer Productions will be dissecting the evolution of a rap beat from the 70’s to 2017. I know many rappers and producers will add or subtract or even deny and debate the info here, but it’s meant to shed light on Trap vs Boom Bap. Since, I Joseph James was an eighties baby, I was fortunate to jam to the early disco infused production that The Sugar Hill’s “Rapper’s Delight” laid foundation to and for Hip-Hop production. Then from the late 70’s, early 80”s rap production evolved into The Bomb Squad, Eric B., Rick Rubin, Marley Marl, Dr.Dre, type boom bap which L.L., Rakim, KRS, RUN DMC, 3rdBass, Public Enemy, N.W.A., and many others embraced up till the late 90’s, where slow screwed, chopped, southern production with fast hi-hat’s started to enter.

The southern sound adopted Rick Rubin and Roland 808’s, booming sub kick and hard clap. This evolution and hybrid in the 2000’s became one of fast tempo creations, sounding like a slow tempo, due to the hi-hat’s trill and fast step, combined with slow drum patterns over top. Golden era rap producers and fan’s will not argue that Boom Bap is the 911 towers of Hip-Hop, and Trap style rap production is the small buildings next to it.

The popularity of Trap style beatz has caused mad rappers to abandon there 20 plus years of boom bap flows and sounds, to evolve and suit the current trend of fast hi-hats, slow booming trapbeats, and in turn the divide amongst new Hip-Hop heads vs older Hip-Hop heads has lead to a gigantic line in the sand. The culture it’s self in Boom Bap is ghetto street reporting, fun, diverse, and about making it out of the hood, while Trap culture embraces drug using and glamorizing cars, money, sex more blatantly. One could say 2Live Crew did it in the 80’s first, but that booty Miami 808 sound was party boombap, not trap sounding, nor was it slow and as raunchy. For example, “ass eating” was not a typical topic, nor was Codein, Molly, etc.

Either way, the topics, sounds and struggle from one Hip-Hop generation to another over the next 100 years, will keep evolving and causing each generation to be open minded, and embrace some from the old and new, as Jazz, Rock, Country genre’s have. Purchase exclusive beatz, from CHANGER PRODUCTIONS. Thanks for reading, now let’s create and elevate together!!!

Joseph “ChAnGeR” James


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