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A Hip-Hop Producer’s Evolution

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Hi, I’ve been reviewing the archived software in my internal and external hard-drives, that I use and use to use. It had me thinking how it’d be interesting to share how I’ve evolved as a producer of Hip-Hop, EDM, R&B, Reggae and Folk. I mean with those ranges of genre’s, c’mon… lol.

So, for me “ChAnGeR – Tha Former Single Father” aka CHANGERMUSIC, aka, Changer productions, in 1993 it started, and my first gear was Amiga Commodore and it’s soundcard issues. Then Alesis’s old midi box, Roland’s TR-909, Yamaha’s RY30 and lil’ bro “RY-10 drum machines, which kept me creating patterns and bass lines digitally on external modules/gear. 2001 was my first PC and Yamaha Chromed out Baby Blue Freeze “CSX” synth purchases which had me tweaking, customizing and learning to 2006, where I purchased IK Miroslav Orchestra and dongle. This ground work weaved Electron Magazines, Keyboard magazine’s theories/articles and trial and error with music engineering from 2002 till this day.

Technology changes, as should a writer, producer, engineer, developer…etc. Thus, in 2007 when I met “The Bailiff Sings” and he hired me to full fill our  $30,000.00 contract, involving 60, count them “60” Folk/Rock/Hip-Hop creations, I evolved further. I researched chords, music contracts, promissory notes, publishing, reg’d with SOCAN for my artist and my new company then, CHANGER fuggin’ PRODUCTIONS…LOL. I hired and auditioned drummers, keyboardist, multi instrumentalists and guitar players for laying down tracks around my and the artist’s sonic visions, 2007-2011. Growing up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, I was around my older brother’s blasting AC/DC, Ozzy, Kiss, Led Zepplin, and then my Mom and Grandfather played classic country tons. The neighborhood parks, school and the streets is where I fell in love with break dancing and “BeatStreet” blew my mind. I loved MJ, Bob Marley, Van Halen, Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, Chaka Khan, Kool Mo Dee, LL, Beastie Boys, ZZ Top, Rakim, 3rd Bass, Salt  N’ Peppa, Chaka Demus and Pliers, Buju, Shabba, KRS1, Gangstarr, ATCQ (R.I.P. Phife Dawg), and I could literally go on and on like Lionel Richie “Dancin’ On The Ceiling”.

After acquiring more engineering gear, tools, guitars, Motif & Axiom keyboards, drum machines and experience; I upgraded from Cubase SX, and Frutiy Loops to N.I. and ACID PRO platforms to streamline and advance even further. Sampletank and many other programs I came across, but since Pro-Tools literally stole Sony’s ACID PRO design and structure, I have utilized Acid pro 1 to 7.0. In 2003-2017 I taught myself all Adobe suite production/design software via books, Youtube and trial and error, due to my indie spirit and being a hermit, lol. Love is the reason for decades of open minded genre crossing experimentation, in my soul, mind and spirit. Like K.R.S.O.N.E. said, “Love’s gonna get’cha”. I honor God and get closer to he when I create, b/c I acknowledge he is my creator.

Thanks for reading. Please like, share, comment and all that jazz.

Joseph “ChAnGeR” James


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